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Hopscotch Beanie-free crochet pattern

Made using 2 colours of Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Super Chunky this hat is fun, quick to make and so cosy!  It’s worked in the round from the top down to the cuff. The main body of the hat is worked in continuous rounds with no seam and no need to slip stitch to join each round. This pattern will make a small ladies sized hat. You could also make this a larger/looser fit by adding another row of increases  after row 5. I’ve also made this using a 7mm hook to make a matching child's size version. Use 2 100xg balls of super chunky yarn or 3 if making a looser fit or double cuff

You will need:

Super chunky wool mix 100g blush pink, 100g stormy grey (200g for bigger size or double cuff)
Small amount of yarn for the pom pom- pictured is paintbox wool mix chunky in champagne white
Pom pom maker
10, 9 and 8mm hook
Stitch marker
Scissors and darning needle for weaving in ends

Written in UK terms
MC– magic circle
Trb– treble crochet
Ss– slip stitch
ST– stitch
Fptrb– front post treble
Bptrb– back post treble



*When working in a continuous round there’s no need to join after each row. Simply work into the next stitch and place a marker at the first stitch of the new row to keep track
*working with 2 colours is really effective and a lot simpler than it looks! Work a stitch as normal but complete it in the other colour eg. When using treble crochet in grey yarn over, insert hook and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, yarn over in pink and pull through to complete the stitch. Net stitch in pink starts as normal but pull through grey when working the last 2 loops of the stitch. Work over the non -working yarn to carry it along to the next stitch. Continue to do this throughout to create the stripe pattern.  I always work with 1 ball of yarn at the front of the work and 1 behind to avoid tangling.
*when working a 2 colour row always start on grey and end in pink to maintain the stripe effect
*once completed the main body of the hat the cuff is made using front and back post trebles to create a ribbed effect in a solid colour. This can be made as long or as short as you like. Add in a few extra rows for a wide double cuff or slouchier fit

Tip- keep an eye on tension with this style, this yarn works well with a 10mm hook but when making hats you need to make sure your tension doesn't get looser when creating the main body of the hat. If the shape is going outwards after row 5 rather than coming down, simpler switch to a smaller hook. I like to start with a 10mm to get the sizing right when making my increase rows  1-4 then switch to a 9mm or 8mm hook to get the shaping right. You can adjust this to suit your tension to ensure you get a nice basic beanie shape

1. using grey yarn MC ch 1 and work 10 trb (do not ss to join) =10 st
2. 1 trb in grey in next st changing colour to complete the st (place marker) and work 1 more trb in pink in the same st. Continue working 2 trb in each st around alternating colours each time working over the non working yarn to carry it across to the next st =20st
3. 1 trb, 2 trb in next st and repeat around always alternating colours= 30 st
4. 1 trb, 1 trb, 2 trb and repeat around continue alternating colours= 40 st
5-10. 1 trb in each st around in alternating colours =40 st  after row 10 ss to next st to complete the end of the continuous rounds
11. chain 3, trb in each st around in grey only (cut pink yarn  and work over tail) ss to 1 trbg to join =40st
12-15. ch 3,  fptrb, bptrb, continue around alternating front post and back post trebles to create the ribbing, ss to join = 40 st
Add more rows of ribbing to create a wider cuff
Fasten off, weave in ends and fold up cuff to finish

That's it! Hope you like this pattern, have fun making up different colour combinations and stay warm in your cosy new hats! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @hellomooncrochet so I can share your beautiful work 

Pattern designed by Hayley Hall in collaboration with @EmmaKnitty check out her fab knitted version on Instagram 

Please feel free to sell your lovely makes from my patterns, just credit me as the designer where possible 


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