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Craft Fairs-Hit or Miss?

I've been wanting to do this post for a while now but to be honest I've not been that inspired. Craft fairs can be so hit and miss and as a crocheter trying to sell hats and blankets over the Summer months, I have to say my early experiences were mostly misses! That being said, I thought it might still be useful to share what I've learnt, good and bad, since entering the weird and wonderful world of the craft fair.
   Now where I live is not a very big city so the crafting community isn't that huge. One thing I have enjoyed is meeting local people who share such passion and enthusiasm for their craft. It's lovely to put a face to the Instagram account or Facebook page and everyone is always so warm and welcoming.    I was so nervous doing my first craft fair, which is crazy for someone who up until recently had a career in retail management! But selling your own handmade items is nerve wracking and putting yourself out there does take guts. I obviously needn't …

Workshop day!

Feeling a bit proud. Yesterday I held my very first crochet workshop and I survived! I'd even go as far to say it went well with no major disasters or angry customers demanding a refund...yet! Since starting my little business this year I've come to realise how little confidence I have in myself. I constantly question my work and ability and often feel a bit out of my depth. Think that comes with the job though. When you are selling your creativity and skill it's hard to appreciate your own work and as a relatively new and self taught crocheter, I often feel a bit unqualified. But I got through it and really did enjoy the day. The sense of achievement is huge and I'm so pleased with myself. I couldn't have done it without my amazing and super talented friend who was by my side to help set up and take charge of the kettle! Thank you Charlie, you are an absolute angel and such a good support. I was very lucky to have a few familiar faces attending the workshop too wh…