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Raffia Easter Basket Pattern

I found this pretty pastel raffia at the weekend and just had to have it! I had no idea what it was going to become but with less than a week to go until Easter, inspiration soon struck and I quickly got to work on some Easter baskets for the little ones. We love an Easter egg hunt in our house and luckily this £1 pack of raffia from The Range was just enough to make 2 baskets, so no fighting on Sunday (hopefully!) they also have lots of fun colours available. It's quite an interesting material to crochet with and can be a bit tricky to pull through the loops. But it's fun to try something new and I'm really happy with the I do like a challenge! I found it similar to working with t shirt yarn in that you can't worry too much about perfect tension here, just go with the flow, it doesn't have to be perfect

To make yours you'll need approx 30 metres of raffia and a 7mm crochet hook. Scissors and a 2mm hook helps for weaving in the ends

Pattern writ…